Matches in people

Lillian Roth Lillian Roth Born on Dec 13, 1910 in Boston (MA), died May 12, 1980 in New York City (NY)

Lillian Miles Lillian Miles Born on Aug 1, 1907 in Oskaloosa (IA), died Feb 27, 1972 in Yucca Valley (CA)

Lillian Gish Lillian Gish Born on Oct 14, 1893 in Springfield (OH), died Feb 27, 1993 in New York City (NY)

Elyse Knox Elyse Knox Born on Dec 14, 1917 in Hartford (CT), died Feb 16, 2012 in Los Angeles (CA)

Billie Dove Billie Dove Born on May 14, 1903 in New York City (NY), died Dec 31, 1997 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Carole Landis Carole Landis Born on Jan 1, 1919 in Fairchild (WI), died Jul 5, 1948 in Pacific Palisades (CA)

Matches in movies

The Cross of Lorraine The Cross of Lorraine (1943)

Lillian Russell Lillian Russell (1940)

Lillian Gish in a Liberty Loan Appeal Lillian Gish in a Liberty Loan Appeal (1918)