Matches in people

Dabbs Greer Dabbs Greer Born on Apr 2, 1917 in Fairview (MO), died Apr 28, 2007 in Pasadena (CA)

Jane Greer Jane Greer Born on Sep 9, 1924 in Washington (DC), died Aug 24, 2001 in Los Angeles (CA)

Greer Garson Greer Garson Born on Sep 29, 1904 in London (UK), died Apr 6, 1996 in Dallas (TX)

Kevin Corcoran Kevin Corcoran Born on Jun 10, 1949 in Santa Monica (CA), died Oct 6, 2015 in Burbank (CA)

Kevin McClory Kevin McClory Born on Jun 8, 1926 in Dublin (Ireland), died Nov 20, 2006 in London (UK)

Randolph Scott Randolph Scott Born on Jan 23, 1898 in Orange County (VA), died Mar 2, 1987 in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)

Matches in movies

Scott of the Antarctic Scott of the Antarctic (1948)

The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson