Matches in people

James Arness James Arness Born on May 26, 1923 in Minneapolis (MN), died Jun 3, 2011 in Los Angeles (CA)

James Craig James Craig Born on Feb 4, 1912 in Nashville (TN), died Jun 28, 1985 in Santa Ana (CA)

James Garner James Garner Born on Apr 7, 1928 in Norman (Oklahoma), died Jul 19, 2014 in Los Angeles (CA)

James Darren James Darren Born on Jun 8, 1936 in Philadelphia (PA)

James Dean James Dean Born on Feb 8, 1931 in Marion (IN), died Sep 30, 1955 in Cholame (CA)

James Murray James Murray Born on Feb 9, 1901 in The Bronx (NY), died Jul 11, 1936 in New York City (NY)

Matches in movies

Giant Giant (1956)

The Little Giant The Little Giant (1933)

Little Giant Little Giant (1946)

The Giant Claw The Giant Claw (1957)

The Iron Giant The Iron Giant (1999)

The Giant of Marathon The Giant of Marathon (1959)