Matches in people

Robert Wise Robert Wise Born on Sep 10, 1914 in Winchester (IN), died Sep 14, 2005 in Los Angeles (CA)

Jack Weston Jack Weston Born on Aug 21, 1924 in Cleveland (OH), died May 3, 1996 in New York City (NY)

Jack Carter Jack Carter Born on Jun 24, 1922 in New York City (NY), died Jun 28, 2015 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Jack Osterman Jack Osterman Born on Apr 8, 1902 in Toledo (OH), died Jun 8, 1939 in Atlantic City (NJ)

Jack Mercer Jack Mercer Born on Jan 13, 1910 in New York City (NY), died Dec 4, 1984 in Queens (NY)

Jack Gwillim Jack Gwillim Born on Dec 15, 1909 in Canterbury (Kent), died Jul 2, 2001 in Los Angeles (CA)

Matches in movies

Mr. Wise Guy Mr. Wise Guy (1942)

The Wise Little Hen The Wise Little Hen (1934)

The Wise Kid The Wise Kid (1922)

Three Wise Fools Three Wise Fools (1946)

The Three Wise Guys The Three Wise Guys (1936)

Woman-Wise Woman-Wise (1937)