Matches in people

Robert B. Sinclair Robert B. Sinclair Born on May 24, 1905 in Toledo (OH), died Jan 4, 1970 in Montecito (CA)

Hugh Sinclair Hugh Sinclair Born on May 19, 1903 in London (England), died Dec 29, 1962 in Slapton (England)

Graham Stark Graham Stark Born on Jan 20, 1922 in Wallasey (England), died Oct 29, 2013 in London (England)

Ronald Sinclair Ronald Sinclair Born on Jan 21, 1924 in Dunedin (New Zealand), died Nov 22, 1992 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Ken Hughes Ken Hughes Born on Jan 19, 1922 in Liverpool (England), died Apr 28, 2001 in Los Angeles (CA)

Harry Wagstaff Gribble Harry Wagstaff Gribble Born on Mar 27, 1896 in Seven Oaks (England), died Jan 28, 1981 in New York City (NY)

Matches in movies

The Story of Alexander Graham Bell The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939)