Matches in people

Elmer C. Rhoden Elmer C. Rhoden Born on May 15, 1893, died Jul 14, 1981 in Kansas City (Missouri)

Elmer Clifton Elmer Clifton Born on Mar 14, 1890 in Chicago (IL), died Oct 15, 1949 in Los Angeles (CA)

Frank Rice Frank Rice Born on May 13, 1892 in Muskegon (MI), died Jan 9, 1936 in Los Angeles (CA)

Florence Rice Florence Rice Born on Feb 14, 1907 in Cleveland (OH), died Feb 23, 1974 in Honolulu (HI)

Hank Patterson Hank Patterson Born on Oct 9, 1888 in Springville (AL), died Aug 23, 1975 in Woodland Hills (CA)

El Brendel El Brendel Born on Mar 25, 1890 in Philadelphia (PA), died Apr 9, 1964 in Hollywood (CA)

Matches in movies

Bitter Rice Bitter Rice (1949)

Rice Girl Rice Girl (1956)

One Run Elmer One Run Elmer (1935)

Here Comes Elmer Here Comes Elmer (1943)

Elmer Gantry Elmer Gantry (1960)

Elmer, the Great Elmer, the Great (1933)