Matches in people

Eleanor Parker Eleanor Parker Born on Jun 26, 1922 in Cedarville (OH), died Dec 9, 2013 in Palm Springs (CA)

Eleanor Powell Eleanor Powell Born on Nov 21, 1912 in Springfield (MA), died Feb 11, 1982 in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)

Eleanor Bron Eleanor Bron Born on Mar 14, 1938 in Stanmore (England)

Eleanor Boardman Eleanor Boardman Born on Aug 19, 1898 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), died Dec 12, 1991 in Santa Barbara (CA)

Kent Smith Kent Smith Born on Mar 19, 1907 in New York City (NY), died Apr 23, 1985 in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles)

Crauford Kent Crauford Kent Born on Oct 12, 1881 in London (England), died May 14, 1953 in Hollywood (CA)

Matches in movies

Wild Brian Kent Wild Brian Kent (1936)

The  Re-creation of Brian Kent The Re-creation of Brian Kent (1925)