Matches in people

Dorothy Alison Dorothy Alison Born on Apr 4, 1925 in Broken Hill (Australia), died Jan 17, 1992 in London (England)

Dorothy Dare Dorothy Dare Born on Aug 6, 1911 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), died Oct 4, 1981 in Orange County (CA)

Dorothy Malone Dorothy Malone Born on Jan 30, 1924 in Chicago (IL), died Jan 19, 2018 in Dallas (TX)

Dorothy McGuire Dorothy McGuire Born on Jun 14, 1916 in Omaha (NE), died Sep 13, 2001 in Santa Monica (CA)

Dorothy Lamour Dorothy Lamour Born on Dec 10, 1914 in New Orleans (LA), died Sep 22, 1996 in Los Angeles (CA)

Dorothy Gish Dorothy Gish Born on Mar 11, 1898 in Massillon (OH), died Jun 4, 1968 in Rapallo (Italy)

Matches in movies

The Fields The Fields (2011)

The Taming of Dorothy The Taming of Dorothy (1950)

Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall (1924)

Fields of Sacrifice Fields of Sacrifice (1964)