Matches in people

Jean Porter Jean Porter Born on Dec 8, 1922 in Cisco (TX), died Jan 13, 2018 in Canoga Park (CA)

Edwin S. Porter Edwin S. Porter Born on Apr 21, 1870 in Connellsville (PA), died Apr 30, 1941 in New York City (NY)

Porter Hall Porter Hall Born on Sep 19, 1888 in Cincinnati (OH), died Oct 6, 1953 in Los Angeles (CA)

George Cole George Cole Born on Apr 22, 1925 in London (England)

Kim Hunter Kim Hunter Born on Nov 12, 1922 in Detroit (MI), died Sep 11, 2002 in New York City (NY)

Elizabeth Ashley Elizabeth Ashley Born on Aug 30, 1939 in Ocala (FL)

Matches in movies

Oh, Mr Porter! Oh, Mr Porter! (1937)

Old King Cole Old King Cole (1933)

The Pullman Porter The Pullman Porter (1919)

Maxim's Porter Maxim's Porter (1953)

The Night Porter The Night Porter (1974)