Matches in people

Byron Barr Byron Barr Born on Aug 18, 1917 in Corning (IA), died Nov 3, 1966 in Sacramento County (CA)

Byron Foulger Byron Foulger Born on Aug 27, 1899 in Ogden (UT), died Apr 4, 1970 in Hollywood (CA)

Byron Haskin Byron Haskin Born on Apr 22, 1899 in Portland (OR), died Apr 16, 1984 in Montecito (CA)

Byron Paul Byron Paul Born on Apr 20, 1920 in unknown (unknown), died Sep 24, 2004 in Santa Rosa (CA)

Morgan Farley Morgan Farley Born on Oct 3, 1898 in Mamaroneck (NY), died Oct 11, 1988 in San Pedro (CA)

Morgan Wallace Morgan Wallace Born on Jul 26, 1881 in Lompoc (CA), died Dec 12, 1953 in Tarzana (CA)

Matches in movies

The Bad Lord Byron The Bad Lord Byron (1949)

Lord Byron of Broadway Lord Byron of Broadway (1930)

Mad Dog Morgan Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

Morgan! Morgan! (1966)

Byron B. Blackbear and the Scientific Method Byron B. Blackbear and the Scientific Method

The Great Morgan The Great Morgan (1946)