Matches in people

Dick Martin Dick Martin Born on Jan 30, 1922 in Battle Creek (MI), died May 24, 2008 in Santa Monica (CA)

Betty Hutton Betty Hutton Born on Feb 26, 1921 in Battle Creek (MI), died Mar 11, 2007 in Palm Springs (CA)

Ray Walston Ray Walston Born on Dec 2, 1914 in New Orleans (LA), died Jan 1, 2001 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Matches in movies

Battle of the V-1 Battle of the V-1 (1958)

Battle Cry Battle Cry (1955)

The Battle The Battle (1934)

Cry of Battle Cry of Battle (1963)

The Barnyard Battle The Barnyard Battle (1929)

Battle Circus Battle Circus (1953)