Matches in people

Paul Newman Paul Newman Born on Jan 26, 1925 in Shaker Heights (OH), died Sep 26, 2008 in Westport (CT)

Joseph M. Newman Joseph M. Newman Born on Aug 7, 1909 in Logan (UT), died Jan 23, 2006 in Simi Valley (CA)

Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock Born on Aug 13, 1899 in London (England), died Apr 29, 1980 in Bel Air (CA)

Alfred L. Werker Alfred L. Werker Born on Dec 2, 1896 in Deadwood (SD), died Jul 28, 1975 in Orange County (CA)

Alfred Santell Alfred Santell Born on Sep 14, 1895 in San Francisco (CA), died Jun 19, 1981 in Salinas (CA)

Alfred Zeisler Alfred Zeisler Born on Sep 26, 1897 in Chicago (IL), died Mar 1, 1985 in Camano Island (WA)

Matches in movies

Captain Newman, M.D. Captain Newman, M.D. (1963)

Alfred the Great Alfred the Great (1969)

Brother Alfred Brother Alfred (1932)