Matches in people

Herman J. Mankiewicz Herman J. Mankiewicz Born on Nov 7, 1897 in New York City (NY), died Mar 5, 1953 in Hollywood (CA)

Ford Beebe Ford Beebe Born on Nov 26, 1888 in Grand Rapids November 26 (Michigan), died Nov 26, 1978 in Lake Elsinore (CA)

Audie Murphy Audie Murphy Born on Jun 20, 1924 in Kingston (TX), died May 28, 1971 in near Roanoke (VA)

Matches in movies

The Private's Job The Private's Job (1937)

Murder in the Private Car Murder in the Private Car (1934)

See Here, Private Hargrove See Here, Private Hargrove (1944)

Private Hell 36 Private Hell 36 (1954)

His Private Life His Private Life (1926)

Private Confessions Private Confessions (1996)