Simon Oakland

Simon Oakland

A frequent traveler by air between New York and California.

He made his film debut as the "tough, but compassionate" journalist who speaks up for Susan Hayward's "Barbara Graham" in I Want to Live! (1958). He would wind up playing this type often over the course of his career.

He went on to play a long series of tough guy types, usually on the right side of the law (or in positions of authority), most notably in Psycho (1960), West Side Story (1961) and as Antonio Vincenzo (Kolchak's boss) in the sci-fi TV series "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" (1974). A gifted actor, he often accepted roles that were inferior to his acting ability and often played on type rather than talent. He was highly respected by his co-workers as an actor; he died of cancer, one day after his 68th birthday.

Maintained dual residences in both New York and Hollywood so that he could maintain his career in both theater and movies.

Through his career, he performed on Broadway.

Until the 1940s, he was a concert violinist.