Ruth Roman

Ruth Roman

Born on 12-22-22. Died on 9-9-99.

Dated Ronald Reagan

Died in her sleep.

During the late 1940s Roman lived with Linda Christian and five other aspiring actresses in a residence they called "The House of Seven Garbos.".

Her son Richard was born in November, 1952.

In Italy, most of her films were dubbed by either Rosetta Calavetta or Lidia Simoneschi. Andreina Pagnani and Dhia Cristiani, most notably in Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train (1951), also lent their voice to Roman.

She and her son Richard "Dickie" Hall, were first-class passengers aboard the Andrea Doria when the ship collided with the Stockholm and sank in 1956. They were among almost 1,700 saved in the sinking. Roman and her son were separated during the rescue. She arrived in New York first and waited for him, surrounded by news photographers and reporters. She was on the pier to greet him when he arrived when the rescue ship arrived in New York the next day.