Rossano Brazzi

Rossano Brazzi

A respected stage director in Italy.

After being arrested for involvement in arms smuggling, he was fully acquitted of all charges at his trial in Venice (1985).

As a young man, Rossano was quite athletic -- soccer, swimming, tennis, golf, fencing and boxing. He was particularly good at soccer, and assumed the role of goalkeeper for the Florentine college team, where he stayed for two years. During his university years he was also an amateur boxer. He quit boxing when he unintentionally but seriously hurt an opponent.

Attended San Marco University in Florence, Italy, a city in which he lived since the age of four.

Brother of Oscar Brazzi.

Claimed he could see the future in his dreams. He foretold his first girlfriend's illness/death, as well as wife Lydia's illness/death before their illnesses were even diagnosed.

In 1937, in his twenties, he earned his law degree, and was sent by his father to practice law in Rome with an established lawyer who was a friend of the family. While there he was approached by a theatrical company.

In 1940, Brazzi married Florentine Baroness Lidia Bertolini (1921-1981). She developed a serious endocrine dysfunction and the couple were unable to have children. She died of pancreatic cancer in 1981. Four years after his wife's death he married a German woman, Ilse Fischer. She survived him.

Lost both parents to the Fascist Italian government and, according to some sources, was active in the Resistance during the war.

Made films in France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Great Britain. He starred in several popular telenovelas and TV movies in Italy and at least two European (and one American) television series.

Ths son of Adelmo, a shoemaker who later owned a leather factory, and Maria Ghedini Brazzi. His baptismal name stems from the fact that his father, when Rossano was conceived, was in military service and stationed in Rossano Veneto. Rossano as well as his siblings, Oscar and Franca, often worked for their father.

Uncle of Fabrizio Brazzi.

Was a Freemason.

Was a native of Bologna and studied law in Florence before World War II.