Rondo Hatton

Rondo Hatton

Both "House of Horrors" and "Brute Man" were released after Hatton's death. Additionally, Universal did not release "Brute Man" but rather sold the rights to Producer's Releasing Corporation (PRC), ostensibly because they were discontinuing distributing b-films, but with all references to Universal even as producer deleted from all credits and advertising.

By all accounts a kind, sensitive man, sources differ on whether he was pragmatic or extremely unhappy at the way Universal exploited his disfigurement; but, as he was under contract, he could do nothing about it.

He played three different "Creeper" characters. In "Pearl Of Death" he is "The Oxton Creeper", a British mute. In "House Of Horrors" and "Brute Man" he can talk. He is unnamed in "House of Horrors" but in "The Brute Man" he has the character name "Hal Moffet.".

His autograph is considered highly scarce in the collector's market.

Rondo Hatton's appearance has endured far longer than even the best of his films. His likeness was the basis for the villain in The Rocketeer (1991). Also, in recent years, the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, awarded each year for the best in horror research, appreciation and film restoration, uses his name and consists of a statuette based on the mammoth bust of Hatton as the Creeper, seen in Universal's House of Horrors (1946). More information about the "Rondos" can be found at