Renee Godfrey

Renee Godfrey

A good friend at one time to Barbara Stanwyck and June Lang during her heyday, her Hollywood hobbies included collecting matchbook covers and photos of Joan Crawford. Stanwyck was such a close friend, in fact, that the star was made temporary guardian of Renee's three girls after Renee died and husband Peter became seriously ill.

Born in New York, she spent much of her early life abroad and when she was put under contract to RKO, had to rid herself of a French accent she had picked up while living in Paris.

Former mother-in-law of Basil Poledouris.

Mother of Bobbie Poledouris.

She won the "Miss New York" crown in 1935. She also won the "Swimsuit" competition -- over the entire field of contestants -- in The Miss America Pageant.