Priscilla Bonner

Priscilla Bonner

Quoted extensively by Donald Spoto in "Madcap: The Life of Preston Sturges." She and her husband were neighbors, landlord, and friends of Sturges.

Retired after marrying a prominent physician in 1928 and never made a talking film.

She and sister Marjorie Bonner later shared an apartment after both of their husbands died. Neither sister had any children.

Sister of actress Marjorie Bonner.

Was personally hired by John Barrymore and contractually signed to appear as his co-star in The Sea Beast (1926). Later, however, she was shocked when it was announced in the press that she was being replaced by gorgeous Dolores Costello, who met the star actor on the studio lot and later married him. Hugely disappointed, Priscilla received her full salary and a kind letter from Barrymore.