Patricia Morison

Patricia Morison

Had a very promising role in the classic Victor Mature/Richard Widmark crime thriller Kiss of Death (1947) as Mature's Italian wife who is raped and later commits suicide by putting her head in the kitchen gas oven. The censors cut her part out completely because they refused to allow a rape or suicide to be shown. Patricia's name still appears on the credits of the film.

Has a full mezzo-soprano vocal range.

Paramount promoted her with the line "Lamour plus Lamarr equals LaMorison.".

Served as Helen Hayes' understudy in the 1936 Broadway production of "Victoria Regina". She was never put on during the run, even when Hayes actually became ill. The theatre would simply close the show until the legendary star recovered.

She has the distinction of being the last villain encountered by Sherlock Holmes in the classic Universal series.

Was the actress with the longest hair in Hollywood (39 inches long). Universal pushed her as a 'rival' to Dorothy Lamour when she changed her hairstyle to a middle parting

When "Song without End" George Cukor thought Morison's voice as George Sand was too feminine, he had it redubbed with another actress.