Nicholas Hammond

Nicholas Hammond

Best known for his role as Friedrich von Trapp, eldest son of the von Trapp children, in The Sound of Music (1965).

Degree in English Literature (Princeton University).

Girlfriend Robyn Nevin is the artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company.

Has remained close to all his The Sound of Music (1965) siblings, particularly Charmian Carr. She, in turn, speaks affectionately of him in her autobiography.

In an interview, he revealed that he was going to reprise his TV role as Peter Parker/Spiderman in a proposed Hulk/Spiderman TV-movie in 1984. But he added that the studio eventually canceled the project, citing Lou Ferrigno's unavailability to reprise the role of the Hulk. Ferrigno, however, denied having ever been contacted about the project, saying he was unaware of the proposed Hulk/Spiderman project until he came across the information nearly 20 years later.

Moved to Australia in the mid 1980s.

Nicholas was in one play with his mother, Eileen Bennett. His mother always used to accompany him while he was working, but in 1965, Nicholas didn't want to have his mother along when he was in the play "The Happiest Millionaire." His mother took a small part in the play to be able to be with her son but told no one she was his mother.

Previous job: Waiter, delivery boy, sold septic tanks.

Son of actress Eileen Bennett.

The first actor to play Spiderman in a live action production.