Mayo Methot

Mayo Methot

Humphrey Bogart left her for Lauren Bacall.

Humphrey Bogart was a tough guy in films but suffered from the "battered husband" syndrome during his stormy seven-year marriage to Mayo. She was known around the Hollywood circuit for her excessive drinking and violent temper.

A strong Broadway presence in the 1920s before joining Warner Brothers in the 1930s.

At her death, she had $1,400 in cash and a Los Angeles rental property producing $3,000 a month, both of which she left to her mother Evelyn Methot.

Had a turbulent marriage to Humphrey Bogart. On one occasion she had a gun and argued violently with him. Dinner guests Gloria Stuart and her husband feared for their lives, but no one was shot, fortunately.

Her father, Captain Jack Methot, died December 20, 1929. Her mother, Evelyn W. Methot died November 27, 1956, surviving her daughter by 5 and a half years. They are placed together at the Portland Memorial Mausoleum in Portland, Oregon.

Is portrayed by Ann Wedgeworth in Bogie (1980) (TV)

Married her first husband, Cosmopolitan Productions cameraman John M. La Mond, at the age of 19.

Mayo's mother said to the press at the time of her death that her daughter never took her film roles seriously, and that "it was just for fun".

She died alone, of long-term effects of alcoholism, in a third-rate hotel in Oregon. Her body was not discovered until several days after her death.

She introduced the song "More Than You Know" (by Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu and Vincent Youmans) in the 1929 Broadway musical "Great Day". The recording survives.

She met Humphrey Bogart while filming Marked Woman (1937). They married a year later.

She performed with the Baker Stock Company in Portland, Oregon until 1922 when she left for to New York, to appear in "Great Day", "All the King's Men", "The Song and Dance Man", and "The Medicine Man", among other productions.