Max Baer Jr.

Max Baer Jr.

Auditioned for Jethro only after driving his roommate to the audition for the same part.

Earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Santa Clara University (minored in philosophy).

Has said that he "would have had to sell door-to-door" if Macon County Line flopped.

He tried to shed the public's "hillbilly" perception of him by starring as good-guy crime fighter Max Colepepper in the unsold pilot, "The Asphalt Cowboy," in the early 70s.

Licensed the "Beverly Hillbillies" name and characters from CBS in order to establish a Casino called "Jethro's". A picture of Granny hangs over every bed with the caption: "Don't you touch her boy!"

Made a fortune producing low-budget films like "Macon County Line."

Nephew of Buddy Baer.

One of Elvis Presley's Hollywood buddies during the 1960s. The two were often involved in impromptu football games among Elvis' friends and entourage.

Son of boxer Max Baer.

Took great issue with the unsympathetic portrayal of his father in the film Cinderella Man, particularly his bragging over killing someone in the ring. Baer said his father was actually haunted by the incident and often cried about it.

Uncle of Amy Lynn Baxter.

Won his role as Jethro without having to speak a word. Baer's audition consisted of chasing a bird around the set, and he made enough of gestures and facial expressions to impress the producers. He admitted later that he had never tried speaking in a hillbilly accent, and he used the time between his audition and the first day's filming to learn one thoroughly.

Writes with his left hand.