Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens

An instinctive rebellious nature had him kicked out of every school he ever attended, public or private.

Became a contract player for Warners at $100 a week in 1943 but they changed his looks and his stage name. They darkened and straightened his curly ginger-colored hair and covered his freckles. At first he was billed as Stephen Richards, later changed it to Mark Stevens at the suggestion of Darryl F. Zanuck when he switched to 20th Century-Fox.

Honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, located at 6637 Hollywood Blvd.

Met wife Annelle Hayes while she was out testing for movies. They had two children, Mark Richard and Arrelle.

Once prepared for training for the Canadian Olympic Diving Team but seriously hurt his back on the high springboard. This injury later kept him out of the Army and resulted in an operation.

Romantically involved for a time with actress Hedy Lamarr.