Linda Darnell

Linda Darnell

Born at 4:40am-CST.

Died in a fire of unknown source while visiting friends. While sleeping upstairs and awakened by smoke, she tried to exit through the downstairs door, but was trapped. Badly burned over 90% of her body she died the following day in the hospital. Source: "Hollywood Beauty" by Ronald L. Davis University of Oklahoma Press.

In Italy, almost all her films were dubbed by either Lidia Simoneschi or Dhia Cristiani. Only once was she dubbed by Paola Barbara: in The Mark of Zorro (1940).

Mother of Charlotte Mildred Adams (nicknamed Lola). Born on January 5, 1948; adopted in 1948 while Darnell was married to J. Peverell Marley.

One of her closest friends was actress Ann Miller.

Stage and television actress.

Suffered from alcoholism during most of her career.