Kay Francis

Kay Francis

After divorcing Kay, her husband James Dwight Francis married Lesley Frost, the daughter of poet Robert Frost.

Badly burned by a radiator in 1948 accident.

Because of a speech impediment, she was known around the Paramount lot as "the wavishing Kay Fwancis."

Birth year has been in speculation for some time, with sources stating the year as anywhere between 1899-1908. Studio records (which occasionally were used to her detriment when the studio got mad at her) reflect the year of birth as 1899. However, her listing in the U.S. Census taken in April 1910, when she was living at a convent school, gives her age as five years.

Engaged to Delmer Daves before meeting her fifth husband, Eric Barnekow, through Countess Dorothy di Frasso in 1938.

Her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located at 6766 Hollywood Blvd.

Left most of her $1 million estate to train dogs at Seeing Eye, Inc.

Was one of the many stars labeled "box office poison" in an article published in The Hollywood Reporter in 1938.