Jobyna Ralston

Jobyna Ralston

Arrested and convicted in 1930 for indecency; paid a fine. Book source: WAMPAS Baby Stars.

Met Richard Arlen on the set of the Oscar-winning classic "Wings" and later married him.

Mother of actor Richard Arlen Jr.

Pretty, tender-looking silent screen lady known for her onscreen work in Harold Lloyd comedies. She replaced Mildred Davis who retired to become Mrs. Harold Lloyd.

Prompted by a show business mom, she began as a chorus dancer for George M. Cohan.

Retired at the advent of sound after only two talkies due to a noticeable lisp.

Shares a birthday with Björk, Goldie Hawn, Rachel Rogers, Nicollette Sheridan, & Juliet Mills

WAMPAS Baby Star of 1923.