Jane Greer

Jane Greer

Howard Hughes became attracted to Greer and brought her to Hollywood after he saw her in newsreels, and in Life magazine, modeling army uniforms for women. Deciding that Bettejane was too "ingenuish", she shortened her name to Jane for her billing in the film, Dick Tracy (1945).

Companion until his death of Frank London (1963 - 31 January 2001)

Cousin of actor Kevin Scott Greer.

Her favorite sport was golf and she was one of many film stars who had a membership with the famed Hollywood Golf Club.

Her third son, Steven "Steve" Lasker, was born May 8, 1954.

Jane Greer contracted a tropical virus during the location shooting of the film "Run for the Sun" (1956), which eventually required her to have a heart operation.

Lived in a mansion at 136 South Carmelina Avenue in Brentwood.

Measurements: 35-25 1/2-36 (in 1953) (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Mother, with Edward Lasker, of Alex Lasker, Steven Lasker and Lawrence Lasker.

Mother's name was Bettie.

Quickly married crooner Rudy Vallee after fleeing a possessed Howard Hughes, who discovered her on a WWII poster and kept her virtually a prisoner during her first few months. An enraged Hughes pressured her and ruined the marriage. She returned to Hughes and her contract.

She is of Scottish royal descent. Born in Washington, D.C. to Charles Dean McLean Greer, Jr. Her grandfather, Charles, Sr., according to the Biographical Directory of the Tennessee General Assembly was a representative of Shelby County, TN in the state House from 1899-1901 and in the state Senate 1901-1903 as speaker. Greer street in Memphis, TN is named after Charles Sr.

Twin brother, Don.

Was on the cover of Life magazine on June 8, 1942 and June 2, 1947. It was this 1942 issue of Life that caught the eye of Howard Hughes and started her Hollywood career.