Jacques d'Amboise

Jacques d'Amboise

A gifted dancer, Jacques D'Amboise has been recognised as one of the most outstanding American dancers of his time.

Began ballet lessons at 7 years of age. At 15 years of age he became a member of the New York City Ballet, and, at 17 years of age he became a principal dancer.

Father of Charlotte d'Amboise and Christopher d'Amboise.

Father-in-law of Terrence Mann.

Has received many honors for his contribution to the arts education of young people. Among them are: the 1990 MacArthur Fellowship, the Capezio Award, the Producer's Circle Award for public service, the Governor's Award for outstanding contributions to art and culture, and the distinguished Paul Robeson Award for Excellence in the Field of the Humanities.

He danced in many stage shows on Broadway in New York.

He was awarded the American National Medal of the Arts in 1998 by the National Endowment of the Arts in Washington D.C.

His first choreographed ballets for the New York City Ballet in 1963.

His wife, Carolyn d'Amboise, was a ballerina.

Jacques d'Amboise is the father of four children - two sons,George and Christopher and twin daughters, Charlotte and Catherine - all of whom learned ballet as young children.

Was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by Boston College in 1986.