Jack Lord

Jack Lord

Traci Lords has said she changed her name to "Lords" as an honor to her favorite actor, Jack Lord.

A dedicated liberal activist, he was a vocal advocate of gun control in the United States.

An FBI file regarding a stalker lists his height as 6' 0", 2 inches shorter than his official biography.

Best remembered by the public for his starring role in Hawaii Five-O (1968).

Graduated from John Adams High School in Ozone Park, Queens, in June of 1938. He played football, was the art editor of the yearbook, president of the Arts and Crafts Club, and was a member of the Young Scientists' Club.

Had an older brother, William (Bill), two younger brothers, Robert and Thomas, and a younger sister, Josephine. Josephine became an English professor.

His estate donated $40 million to the Hawaii Community Foundation.

His two younger brothers, Robert and Thomas, were twins.

Liked to do fencing and go horseback riding and sailing.

Lord was about to reprise the role of Felix Leiter in Goldfinger (1964), but producer Albert R. Broccoli feared that his portrayal of 007's CIA partner would overshadow the persona of James Bond as the main character. The character part was recast, with Cec Linder as the new Leiter.

Originally wanted to be billed as "Jack Ryan," but discovered that another actor had already registered that name with Actor's Equity. He wanted a short name, so he chose "Jack Lord" instead.

Son died at age 13.

Was considered for the part of Captain Kirk in "Star Trek" (1966), but was rejected by Gene Roddenberry and Desilu Studios because Lord wanted to also be co-producer, and own a percentage of the series.

Was of Irish and Spanish ancestry.

Was the first actor to play CIA Agent Felix Leiter in the "official" James Bond films, beginning with Dr. No (1962). His real name, John Patrick Ryan, is also the name of the CIA Agent hero of Tom Clancy's novels. Both characters first appeared on film opposite Sean Connery.

Would get up every morning at three a.m. when he was working on Hawaii Five-O.