Hope Lange

Hope Lange

As of 2009, she is the only deceased cast member of the Nightmare on Elm Street films.

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Dated Don Hastings during high school.

Father, Arthur Lange, was the music arranger for Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..

For two years, Lange lived in a sparsely furnished home with crates for coffee tables and only a box spring and mattress for her bed. "She put all her money into the refugee project because that is the kind of person she was", Don Murray said.

In 1968, Lange turned to television, taking on the role of Carolyn Muir in the popular series "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir" (1968). She won two consecutive Emmys for that role in 1969 and 1970.

Lange earned the only Oscar nomination of her career for her supporting role in the provocative film Peyton Place (1957) in which she murders her rapist stepfather.

Made her acting debut on Broadway at the age of 11 in Sidney Kingsley's play "The Patriots".

She delivered a stirring eulogy at the funeral for her close friend, Natalie Wood.

When she co-starred with Marilyn Monroe on Bus Stop (1956), Monroe disliked the presence of a younger blonde and sent a series of memos to producers and the director, even suggesting that Lange be made to dye her hair brown.

With her ex-husband, Don Murray, they had a son, actor Christopher Murray, and a daughter, Patricia Murray. The marriage was dissolved in 1961.