Hal Roach

Hal Roach

Developed appendicitis during the filming of Babes in Toyland (1934).

Ex-father-in-law of Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter.

Father of Margaret Roach

Father of Hal Roach Jr.

Grandfather of Addison Randall

He had frequently told the story of sitting in his office in 1921 and watching some kids playing in a nearby lot. The kids were playfully arguing over a stick as if were the most important thing in the world. He realized that he had been fascinated over their antics and was amazed to realize he'd failed how much time had passed watching these kids at play. The led to the idea for the "Our Gang" comedies, which became--after Harold Lloyd (who'd soon leave for independent production)--Roach's most profitable property, and, with innumerable cast changes, the longest running short series in Hollywood history (sold to MGM in 1937 and continuing through 1944).

His product was initially distributed by U.S. branch of Pathe. Ironically, this was the same distributor his arch-rival Mack Sennett. Once the French firm imploded in the mid-1920s, Sennett's fate was sealed while Hal Roach's boutique studio retained enough clout through the "Our Gang" franchise (amongst others) to secure a lucrative deal with MGM, despite his break with Harold Lloyd.

Played saxophone.