George O'Hanlon

George O'Hanlon

Actor/director/writer best known as Joe McDoakes in film shorts during the 1940s and as the original voice of TV's George Jetson from 1961 until his death.

Ex-father-in-law of Susan Pratt.

Father of actor/writer George O'Hanlon Jr..

Had suffered a stroke, so when he made the later Jetson series and the movie, he was practically blind and had very little short term memory. He had to have each line spoken to him so he could repeat it back.

He started working at 16 with his own stage show, but was fired after a few weeks due to a fight over wages.

His cousin, Virginia O'Hanlon, is the subject of the famous editorial, "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus".

Son of Sam Rice.

Was originally hired to voice Fred Flinstone for "The Flintstones" (1960). However, one of the sponsors didn't think he was right for the part and he was replaced by Alan Reed.