Geoffrey Bayldon

Geoffrey Bayldon

Appeared as a butler in the rock and roll movie "Born to Boogie" featuring Marc Bolan, T. Rex, and directed by Ringo Starr

At the age of 80 in 2004, he became the oldest actor to ever play the "Doctor Who" (1963) character the Doctor, which he did (for the second time) in the Big Finish audio drama "A Storm of Angels". He is also the only homosexual actor to play the role.

Has said in an interview he was offered the role of the first Doctor Who (played by William Hartnell)

He was offered but turned down the roles of both the First Doctor and the Second Doctor in "Doctor Who" (1963), which ultimately went to William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton respectively.

Played the Doctor in two Doctor Who Unbound audio plays, "Auld Mortality" (2003) and "A Storm Of Angels" (2005).

Served in the Royal Air Force prior to training to be an actor.

Was asked to play the cameo role of The Mathematican(Leslie French) in Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis.