Fernando Lamas

Fernando Lamas

Brother-in-law of Stanton Williams.

Father of Lorenzo Lamas

Father-in-law of Kathleen Kinmont.

Father-in-law of Michelle Smith.

Grandfather of A.J. Lamas, Shayne Lamas and Paton Ashbrook.

He had a daughter, Alexandra "Alex," with his second wife, Lydia.

He had a daughter, Cristina, with his first wife, Perla.

He was cast in the series "Gavilan" (1982), but due to the cancer that would take his life, he was forced to withdraw from the role after filming a few episodes. Patrick Macnee replaced him in the cast, and the scenes were redone.

His effortless charm and way with the ladies earned him the moniker ("First of the Red Hot Lamas").

Two grandchildren, Diana and Sergio.

Was nominated for Broadway's 1957 Tony Award as Best Actor (Musical) for "Happy Hunting."