Eva Gabor

Eva Gabor

Buried near "Green Acres" (1965) co star Eddie Albert at Westwood Memorial in Los Angeles, California.

Credited with the quote "Marriage is too interesting an experiment to be tried only once."

Daughter of Jolie Gabor. Younger sister of Magda Gabor and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

First of the Gabors to immigrate to America from Hungary.

In November, 1957, Eva was the landlady of actor Jim Backus - he sublet her New York City apartment.

Lived platonically with Merv Griffin, creator of the "Wheel of Fortune" (1983) game show, for several years up until her death.

Married and divorced five times. Eva's first husband, Dr. Erik Drimmer, was Greta Garbo's osteopath.

Measurements: 36-22-36 (upon arrival from Hungary in 1940) (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

She founded a wig company.

The epitaph on her grave reads: Our darling Eva We love you You are in our hearts forever.

Was both a cat and dog lover.

Was friends with Audrey Hepburn.