Erich Pommer

Erich Pommer

1953 German Film Award for "Nachts auf den Strassen".

1955 Golden Globe Award Best Picture for "Kinder, Muetter, und ein General"

1989 Retrospective (International Filmfestival Berlin).

Father of Hans-Eckardt Hermann Pommer (born 26 February 1916).

In 1951 he founded the "Intercontinental Film GmbH" in Munich where he made some remarkable movies: (Nachts auf den Strassen (1951) Kinder, Mütter und ein General (1955). But the restrictions forced upon him led to his return to California. Physically badly shaky - a leg was amputated and therefore he was confined to a wheelchair - his career as a producer ended.

Started his career in cinema whilst in Paris, December 31st 1907, with Léon Gaumont.

When World War II broke out he was located in New York and decided to stay in the USA. After some movies he became seriously ill in 1941, his contract with RKO wasn't renewed. In 1944 he got American nationality. Pommer got into financial difficulties so that he and his wife had to work in a porcelain factory