Eleanor Parker

Eleanor Parker

Broke the champagne bottle on the nose on the locomotive, launching the "California Zephyr" a well-known passenger train on its inaugural eastbound run from San Francisco to Chicago at the Western Pacific Depot (San Francisco) on March 19, 1949.

Discovered at age 18 by a Warner Bros. talent agent while merely sitting in the audience of the Pasadena Playhouse, and after just one semester of student training there.

Grandmother of Chase Parker.

In Italy, most of her films were dubbed by Rosetta Calavetta. She was occasionally dubbed by Dhia Cristiani; Lidia Simoneschi; Rina Morelli; and Andreina Pagnani, most notably in The Sound of Music (1965).

Measurements: 36-26-36 (Source: Hollywood Studio Magazine).

Mother of Susan Eleanor Friedlob (born March 7, 1948), Sharon Anne Friedlob (born April 18, 1950), Richard Parker Friedlob (born October 8, 1952) and Paul Clemens (born January 7, 1958, as Paul Day Clemens). All were born in Los Angeles County, California.

Probably best known as the baroness in The Sound of Music (1965).

Was required to have her blonde hair buzzed off to the scalp for her role as a female convict in Caged (1950).