Daniel Truhitte

Daniel Truhitte

After filming The Sound of Music (1965), he joined the United States Marine Corps and served his country.

Coincidentally, his first wife's parents' names were Rolf and Liesl.

Has 3 sons from 2 previous marriages.

He has performed with Juliet Prowse, Tab Hunter, and Celeste Holm.

He has toured with Juliet Prowse as her lead singing and dancing partner and portrayed Gene Kelly in the MGM Grand's "Hallelujah Hollywood" production.

He played Captain Von Trapp in a local town production of The Sound of Music at the Old Courthouse Theater in Concord, North Carolina, with his hair its natural brown; he looked very different than he did in the movie. This event was covered by the TV show, "Entertainment Tonight" (1981) in Spetember 1993.

His son Thomas Rolf Truhitte is a famous operatic tenor

Met his first wife, Gabriele, in Austria during the on-location filming was of The Sound of Music (1965). Gabriele was Charmian Carr's Austrian stand-in.

Was originally turned down for the role of Rolf because his hair was brown. He got the role after his agent called and asked for another shot and he wowed producers with his rendition of "Sixteen Going On Seventeen".