Billie Dove

Billie Dove

Gerald Ford was a fan of hers.

After her second husband died, Dove, who had already divorced her third husband, went back to using his surname until she died.

Allegedly lost enthusiasm for the movie business after William Randolph Hearst ordered extensive recutting of Blondie of the Follies (1932) because Dove outshone Marion Davies, Hearst's mistress.

Her daughter, Gail Adelson, was once married to Barbara Walters' former husband, Merv Adelson.

Her first husband, Irvin Willat, was the director of her second film.

Her first marriage was annulled.

Her son predeceased her, dying in 1995.

Her third marriage, in 1975, lasted only three months.

Lived with Howard Hughes for three years in the 1930s.

Most of her films were destroyed in a studio fire.

She claimed she retired not because of disappointment in her career, but because she wanted to become a mother.

She had a biological son, Robert, and a daughter, Gail, whom she adopted.

She had two grandsons, Robin Kenaston and Gordon Kenaston.

She was once engaged to Howard Hughes. Her daughter claims Hughes paid her first husband $35,000 to divorce her. Her three-year relationship with Hughes ended when Dove broke it off, never giving a reason why. Later she stated that Hughes was the only man she ever really loved.

Silent film actress.

Was a favorite of singer Billie Holiday, who changed her first name from Eleanora to Billie after her idol.

Was a pilot, a painter and a poet.

Was offered the role of "Belle Watling" in Gone with the Wind (1939) but turned it down.