Beryl Wallace

Beryl Wallace

Earl Carroll's long time romance with beauty Dorothy Knapp fell apart during the disastrous stage production of "Fioretta". Beryl stepped in as Earl Carroll's new star and the two became inseparable until their deaths together in a plane crash.

At the Earl Carroll Theatre and Restaurant in Hollywood, Carroll created for her a 20-foot-high neon facial portrait of her. A recreation of Beryl's landmark portrait can be seen these days at Universal CityWalk, at Universal City, as part of the collection of historic neon signs from the Museum of Neon Art.

Died in a plane crash that killed 42 others, including Venita Varden, the ex-wife of actor Jack Oakie.

Hollywood folklore has it that Beryl had been enamored with Earl Carroll since the age of 13, after hearing the soft-spoken producer on a local radio program.

Stars flocked to the Carroll's theatre, passing beneath the neon-written words, "Through these portals pass the most beautiful girls in the world.".

The mystery of what happened to the plane was never solved. It was later suggested, after reviewing the final radio transmissions, that carbon dioxide fumes from a deployed extinguisher may have leaked into the cockpit and knocked the crew out, allowing the unguided plane to descend by itself until it crashed.

Was the star of a popular night club act at the time of her death.