Bebe Daniels

Bebe Daniels

Daughter of actress Phyllis Daniels.

Her film The Speed Girl (1921) was made to capitalize on her ten-day jail sentence for multiple speeding tickets. The movie's poster shows her walking out of a jail cell.

Her second cousin, Dr. Lee De Forest, "the father of sound", frequented the set of Rio Rita (1929) while she rehearsed. He was instrumental in improving the sound quality of the early talkies and significantly helped her career through his technical expertise.

She had two children, a daughter Barbara and an adopted son, Richard Lyon.

Various sources indicate she is related to Mickey Daniels of "Our Gang." They are not related. Bebe's father's full name was Melville Daniel MacNeal, and she was an only child.

While making a personal appearance at a Chicago hotel, several thousand dollars' worth of jewelry was stolen from Daniels' hotel room. Gangster Al Capone, a longtime Daniels fan, heard about it and put out the word that whoever stole the jewelry had 24 hours to return it "or else." The jewelry was returned the next day.