Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon

He sang the song "I'm getting nuttin' for Christmas" a charming Christmas song from the early 50s

In 1996 Gordon, a Democrat, ran for the Burbank-Glendale based congressional seat being vacated by retiring Republican Rep. Carlos Moorhead. He lost the primary to fellow Democrat Doug Kahn, who went on to lose to then assemblyman James Rogan (R-Glendale). In 1998 Gordon ran again and this time won the primary. He narrowly lost to Rogan 51%-46%, however.

In the mid-1950s, rock legend Bill Haley wrote the song, "Six Year Olds Can Rock and Roll", for Barry Gordon. It's not known if Gordon ever recorded it; Haley's demo recording surfaced in the 1980s.

One son.

President of Screen Actors Guild (SAG). [1988-1995]

Proud sponsor of Camp Will-A-Way, a camp for the mentally and/or physically disabled

Was nominated for Broadway's 1963 Tony Award as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Dramatic) for "A Thousand Clowns."