Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden

Lucille Ball became her mentor and wanted to put Barbara under contract, Barbara signed with 20th Century Fox, instead.

Gene Schwam is her friend and manager.

After "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965) she had a nightclub act for a while. She was actually a talented singer, and she performed various kinds of songs in her act.

Although she was born Barbara Jean Moorhead she began using the name Barbara Jean Huffman in 1945 and then became Barbara Eden in 1956.

Although she was born Barbara Jean Moorhead, she took her stepfather's last name of Huffman when her mother Alice remarried.

As a child, she had to wear glasses, an eye patch and pigtails. Because of this, she became very shy. To help overcome her shyness, her mother had Barbara get singing lessons.

Aunt of Katherine Fugate. Barbara is godmother of Katherine's daughter, Madeleine Barbara Fugate.

Barbara and her husband, Jon Eicholtz, were married in 1991 in San Francisco at Grace Cathedral, where Barbara attended as a child.

Barbara's last name was changed from "Huffman" to "Eden" by her first agent.

Ex-mother-in-law of Julie Ansara.

Friend of Rita McKenzie.

Graduated in 1949 Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco.

Has a younger sister, Alison Scanlon, who is 12 years younger.

Her aunt Marjorie Franklin Shumaker and uncle Grandvell Moore Shumaker had 2 children, Patricia and Katherine.

Her aunt, Marjorie Franklin Shumaker, was born on Tuesday, May 2nd, 1911, she lived to be 91.

Her father, Hubert Henry Moorhead, was born on Monday, April 17th, 1911 in Leesburg, Ohio and died on Monday, March 18th, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. He lived 22,981 days, equaling 3,283 weeks, exactly.

Her grandfather, Charles Benjamin Franklin, was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania in 1870.

Her grandmother, Frances Elvira O'Leary Franklin, was born in 1879 in Galena, Nevada.

Her husband, Jon Eicholtz, celebrates his birthday on August 3

Her mother, Alice Huffman, was born on Sunday, August 13th, 1915. Barbara and her mother were very close. After her mother developed lung cancer, Barbara took care of her until she died on Wednesday, November 12th, 1986.