Arlene Dahl

Arlene Dahl

Arlene graduated from Washburn High and the following year was voted Miss Rheingold Beer of 1946. The Rheingold ad campaign was one of the most famous campaigns of one of the most popular beers in New York from the 1940s through the 1950s. There was a Miss Rheingold contest each year, and by the early 1950s, more than 25 million votes were cast annually. The winner received a cash payment as well as a modeling contract and many other opportunities. The first winner, Jinx Falkenburg, had a long career on radio. Other winners were Tippi Hedren, Hope Lange and Grace Kelly.

Grandmother of A.J. Lamas, Shayne Lamas and Paton Ashbrook.

Her granddaughter Shayne Lamas was a contestant on 'The Bachelor: London Calling' and was chosen at the end by bachelor Matt Grant.

Is a right-wing Republican.

Measurements: 35-22 1/2-35 (starlet 1950), 38-25-37 (as a self-proclaimed "Size 10" in 1976) (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Mother of Lorenzo Lamas, Carole Holmes McCarthy and Rounsevelle Andreas "Sonny" Schaum

Mother-in-law of Kathleen Kinmont.

Mother-in-law of Michelle Smith.

Rheingold Beer Girl of 1946.