Anne Francis

Anne Francis

1953 Deb Star.

A longtime rodeo fan, she wrote and directed the short subject film Gemini Rising (1968).

Diagnosed with lung cancer in 2007, despite having quit smoking nearly twenty years earlier. She immediately underwent chemotherapy and had surgery to remove the upper lobe of her right lung.

First husband, Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr. was a former UCLA student who was working on a film project entitled One Way Ticket to Hell (1955). As part of their divorce settlement, he repaid her the $4,000 he borrowed for this film. She had one daughter, Jane Elizabeth, by her second husband, Dr. Robert Abeloff, a dentist. Both marriages lasted about three years.

Had part of her right lung removed in her battle with lung cancer [February 8, 2008].

Has two daughters, Jane Elizabeth Abeloff and Margaret Francis West. Margaret was adopted in May of 1970. The adoption was one of the first granted to a single parent in the state of California.

Interviewed in Tom Weaver's book "They Fought in the Creature Features" (McFarland & Co., 1995).

Long involved with the International New Thought Alliance, a metaphysical religious organization.

Measurements: 34-22-35 (in 1953), 36-24-35 1/2 (shooting "Honey West" (1965/I) at age 35), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).

Not only participated in radio programs early in her career, but she also regularly appeared on one of New York's first television stations before World War II. The CBS-owned station used television cameras from the Farnsworth Corporation because RCA, the only other U.S. manufacturer of television equipment, was affiliated with NBC. Her participation included an early experiment with color television.

She has no grave, she was cremated and her ashes are in the possession of family.

Stage: Appeared as the "young" Gertrude Lawrence in the original Broadway production of "Lady in the Dark".

Turned down the lead role in the film soaper Claudelle Inglish (1961). Diane McBain won the role but the film bombed. She later replaced actress Joan Hackett on the film The Satan Bug (1965).