Aldo Ray

Aldo Ray

Biography in: American National Biography. Supplement 1, pp. 504-505. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.

Educated at UC Berkeley. In US Navy, June 1944 - May 1946, fighting against Japan.

Had two sons with Johanna Ray, Paul and actor Eric DaRe.

He had five brothers and one sister, Gina.

He was active in local politics as a Republican before becoming an actor.

His brother, Mario DaRe, appeared on "You Bet Your Life" (1950) in 1954.

In preparation for his first major role in The Marrying Kind (1952), director George Cukor recommended that he go to ballet school because he walked too much like a football player.

Served in WWII as a U.S. Navy Frogman.