Adolph Zukor

Adolph Zukor

Chairman emeritus of Paramount Pictures, until his death at age 103.

Founder of the Famous Players Film Company.

Grandfather of Jim Zukor

Grandfather of Adolph Zukor II

He was credited as presenter to Paramount cartoons from 1935 to 1939. These cartoons were acquired by television distributors U.M.&M., National Telefilm Associates, and Associated Artists Productions, in 1955. The TV distributors were instructed to remove all evidence of Paramount's involvement in the cartoons. The "Adolph Zukor Presents" byline was kept on, but the "Paramount Presents" bylines were blacked out. The TV distributors apparently did not think that anyone would recognize Zukor as Paramount's chairman.

Paramount Pictures Corporation merged with Viacom International, Inc. Together, the merged companies own the United Paramount Network (UPN), the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and all its subsidiaries, the TVLand network, the Comedy Central network, the Black Entertainment Television (BET)network, Blockbuster Inc., The Spelling Entertainment Corporation and its subsidiaries, owned by Aaron Spelling, Showtime Networks Inc., the Country Music Television (CMT) network, the Spike TV network, the Video Hits 1 (VH1) network, Music Television (MTV) Networks, the Nickelodeon network, and Nick at Nite. Viacom split into two companies, the new Viacom Inc. and CBS Corporation on December 31, 2005. CBS Corporation re-branded Paramount's television distributing division as CBS Paramount Television, comprised of three divisions: CBS Paramount Network Television, CBS Paramount Domestic Television and CBS Paramount International Television.

Paramount Pictures sold the candles on Zukor's 100th- birthday cake for $1,000 each, and then donated the proceeds to charity.

Paramount-Publix went bankrupt in 1933, and was reorganized as Paramount Pictures, Inc. He was forced out as part of the reorganization, but after Barney Balaban became Paramount president in 1936, he appointed Zukor chairman of the board. In return, Zukor always called Balaban "the boy." They served together 28 years, until Balaban was forced out of Paramount in 1964 after the failure of the big-budgeted The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964).