Doris Day wrote in her 1975 autobiography that this was one of the films that she did not want to do but was forced to do because her husband/manager Martin Melcher had power of attorney and signed her for it without her knowledge or consent. She called this "an alleged comedy" that she did not remember very much about because she was in severe pain, on medication, and spent all of her time off-camera in traction.

Doris Day's character in this film, an actress constantly being typecast as a virginal heroine, was meant to be a parody of Day's own squeaky-clean screen image.

Although the New York blackout occurred thirty months before this movie was released, it was based on a play that opened in Paris nine years before the blackout.

Film debut of James McEachin, who appears uncredited.

Final film of Ben Blue.

Loosely based on the actual New York City blackout of November 1965