Tom Jones

Tom Jones

Lynn Redgrave's film debut.

Hugh Griffith was reportedly drunk through much of the production; the scene in which his horse falls on him was not planned, and many believed he was saved by virtue of his inebriated condition. The film incorporated every frame of footage before rescuers entered the frame to save him.

Albert Finney felt the lead role wasn't serious enough, and agreed to star only if he got a producing credit; he later traded the credit for profit participation.

At the time that the film was made, director Tony Richardson was the son-in-law of Rachel Kempson (Bridget Allworthy) and the brother-in-law of Lynn Redgrave (Susan), as he was married to Vanessa Redgrave from 1962 to 1967.

Much of the scene in which Tom Jones and Mrs. Waters are eating together was improvised during the three hours it took to shoot, and the actors felt the effects from the food for days.

The only film to have three nominees for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. The award was won by Margaret Rutherford for The V.I.P.s.

When Tom first arrives in London, we briefly see the coat of arms of the Carpenters Company of London hung upside-down.